isildur1 The High Stake Player – Who is it?

There is this record breaking new kid on the block at full tilt poker, he or she goes under the nickname of Isildur1. HereĀ“s what happend.

11 days ago, isildur1 sits down at full tilt poker, stakes $500-$1000 pot limit and at the same time, $500-$1000 no limit. Isildur1 played versus, Durrr, Phil ivey and Patrik Antonius. Not only did Isildur1 play against these professional full tilt poker players – he played against them at the same time! Sitting down at 11 tables at the simultaneously, he

Patrik antonious takes it home.

Patrik antonious takes it home.

faced the toughest poker players of all times. ‘The first 9 days of his malicious poker streak, he was up $7.5 million usd, let me rephrase that: in 9 days he became 3rd all time money winner online. He did however lose $2.5 million in ONE 18 hour SESSION yesterday. The question still remains, who is this super high stakes newcomer who cleans the tables in such a short time frame coming from nowhere?

No one knows who he or she is. What we do know is that its apparently someone from Sweden, and that he is playing one of the most aggressive forms of poker ever seen in a high stakes game – It can only go in two directions. Isildur1 will for sure either go completely bust OR he cleans full tilt poker out completely.

So far the ALL TIME WINNERS list since full tilt poker started the balance of $ looks like this:

Phil Ivey $12.901.299
OMGClayAiken $7.651.217
Patrik Antonius $7.272.543
Isildur1 $5.033.951,89 <- The unknown high stakes player.
Urindanger $4.705.220
trex313 $4.588.666
howisitfeellike $4.073.977
Ziigmund $3.584.047
KaiBuxxe $3.186.717
theASHMAN103 $2.960.874
Mark Vos $2.906.447

Who is the so far anonymous player Isildur1? – Please comment or email me if you have any leads!

  • November 18, 2009
  • Full Tilt Poker News
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